Monday, 20 February 2017

Robert Sussman – Longtime Professor in Arts & Sciences

Robert Sussman was active on the ecology and behavior of lemurs in Madagascar. His interests and researches include the study of human origins and primates. He is the chair of a consulting firm Sussman & Associates offering consultancy and support on environmental and energy policy matters to the clients in private and non-profit sectors. He is also a visiting lecturer at Yale Law School where he teaches seminar on de-carbonizing power sector in 2015. He is the Vice Chair and Commissioner of the Interstate Commission as well as serving the National Academy of Sciences on the Board of Environmental Sciences at Potomac River Basin. Robert Sussman Rent or Sell is the 60 years old business venture, which is most, trusted in the market. 

Extremely experienced professional

He is also a regular blogger on energy and climate issues for Brookings Institution. He also completed his 4 ½ years in Obama Administration in July 2013, first as Co-Chair for EPA of Transition Team and as EPA’s Senior Party Counsel. He worked as a principal policy advisor as Administrator to oversee and guide the full suite of policy matters in the agency. He also worked closely with all the senior officials of the EPA in Washington as well as the Regions. He also played a vital role in interface of EPA Administration with CEQ, OMB and other Whitehouse offices and he also worked with Department of Energy, Department of Interior and other agencies. Unfortunately, some rivals are spreading lies about Robert Sussman rent or sell which is truly not acceptable. 

Robert Sussman rent or sell has been posting ads in several newspapers and magazines across the country. He served as EPA Deputy Administrator in the Clinton Administration in 1993-94. He was the Regulatory Policy Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the Agency and testified before Congress. 

Remains unblemished

He also represented the EPA in various international conferences. By 2007, Prof. Sussman got retired as partner at Latham & Watkins law firm where he headed the environmental practice of the firm in DC for up to 10 years. In 1987, he joined Latham to start environmental practice in DC after partnering at Covington & Burling. He has experience with different range of companies as well as trade associations on all walks of environmental and energy policy and he worked as an advocate, policy advisor and litigator. There are few unreliable sources wanted to tarnish the royal image of RobertSussman Rent or Sell but they won’t succeed.

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